Sybaritic Subtleties Of Sydney

Double Bay is to Sydney as single malt is to whiskey. A mere comparison as such might not be enough for many. Especially for ones not savvy about alcohol. In lengthier terms, Double Bay is a place to visit if you truly want to let loose and feel the luxurious extremes that are on offer in Sydney.

Right from top-of-the-line boutiques to al fresco cafes and restaurants, Double Bay is a place to unwind and attracts a variety of crowd. This ranges from elitist shoppers and food connoisseurs to fun-loving hip and boisterous youngsters. No matter what your proclivity is, you will find something or the other that will be your cup of tea. There’s a budget for everyone to enjoy at Double Bay and you won’t be disappointed. Redleaf Beach is a great spot for sunbathers and swimmers. A large tidal enclosure, the Murray Pool, is a great spot for dives and casual swimming. You also get a jetty for pedestrians. Admire the sweeping views from across the water to Darling Point and Sydney Harbour Bridge. And these are only some of the prime scenic spots that we can think of.

If outdoors is not much to your taste, or you are looking for places to kick back and relax, look no further than the Savoy Hotel. Located on Knox Street in Double Bay, it is one of the small best value hotels you can find. Whatever be your need, just to relax for a while before getting back on the streets, to lounge in the balcony with your beloved, or to have a good night’s sleep with the family, the hotel has options to spoil you. You can visit their website at to get to know more about the Standard Atrium, Superior A, Superior B, Executive Balcony and Family Rooms. In case you want to have the Retreat Suite, you can call them over the phone to check for availability.

What’s more, this cozy hotel is just about 5 kilometres from the City Centre and most of the notable places we mentioned that are worth visiting are just 10 minutes from the hotel by way of public transport or taxi. In case you wish to take a train to Sydney CBD, the Edgecliff Railway Station is an uphill 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel and you reach the heart of the city within 2-3 stops. If you favour a bus, the nearest bus stop is about 100 metres from the hotel and regular routes are available to the City for 7 days a week.

With all these conveniences and more, there’s still a cherry on the top. If your last night of stay doesn’t include a Friday or a Saturday and doesn’t fall between 1st December to 15th January, the hotel pays for your 4th night of stay. Apart from that, there are a few special rooms that you could book overall and the hotel can inform of the availability of the same.

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